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Because I don’t want to miss a thing…

January 28, 2010

This is a strange thing to post as a first blog post. Mainly it’s here with a time/date stamp on it just in case I did catch on to something right. I am also amazingly embarrassed to give this to Mr. Mallozzi. I am after-all, no-one.


In reply to Mr. Mallozzi:

I have never seen a Haggis baked. Perhaps if I had, I might not be so- “squicked” when it came to the prime feast of the land of my ancestors. Alas, now, I am a rather solid Vegetarian. No. I have not and will not eat the canned Veg variety, that IS an insult to my heritage.

I don’t know why…but I’ve been very reticent to post this. I’ve now read through other posts and seen some folks say some of the things I have. I do hope that maybe this is still just enough different to still be a valid independent opinion. And I am a no one- it’s my first post here. I’m just going to suck it up and hope I don’t sound too odd. I have a bad habit of ‘guessing’ things.

1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

This is a super tough question to narrow down to just one person. I simply can not decide on just one, because I have been titillated just enough that several characters intrigue me: Eli because he is the one so far distant from everyone else on the ship. Not military; Not a politician, Not one of the ‘groomed’ scientists. Just a guy who’s brilliant in his own right. He’s a well done tag back to the SG:Movie Daniel. “You did in two weeks what they couldn’t in two years.”

Dr. Rush from word “Go” I hear this nagging voice in the back of my head: “He wasn’t always like this.” So why then is he? Why did the SGC put up with someone so high maintenance, and how did that all spiral away from his control? I think there is an episode coming that might touch on a lot of that… but I am certain sure even after 43ish minutes there could be more.

I would like to ultimately see more of *all* of them. As of now I expect TJ to have a baby as the reason she was so quick to get out of the SGC and not telling anyone. It’s cliched, but the gun is already over the mantle and it would certainly effect Col. Young as a character as well. Two birds, one baby.  Just don’t get all “Lost” about it, and don’t kill TJ for it either. I REALLY loath that women always pay for the ‘illicit affair’.

Chloe… You know it’s with her I had the first fancy of who would be the BEST unlikely traitor on board. With things in the SG-verse like Tokra memory devices, and hidden spies (A Za’tarc perhaps?) without even knowing they are, Chloe would be a great nemesis… of course so would sweet, unassuming Eli.

Perhaps he even shoved Dr. Franklin (Mark Burgess- oh hey! Him too! If he jumped in the hot seat on his own- why?! In Kinosode 16 “It’s all Telford’s fault.” He tells Park they have to support Rush.) in the chair. Yay dramatic tension.

I would also like to see the Women in SGU with more meaning than being set dressing for these randy men… That does mean all of them. On only men are listed as actors on the Blueray and DVD. Bleh. My male room mate could not remember Lt. James name for the longest time. He called the poor woman “Lt. Broom Closet”. This is a mature, college graduate mind you.

I think Joe Straczynski said it best: “The purpose of an author is to put his characters up a tree and throw rocks at them.” Done right… SGU could drop mountains.

2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

Where are the Archaeologist/Cultural Anthropologist? SGC should have Xeno-biologist-botanist-pologists running around by now. The ship is not just an Ancient Language machine. Language reflects on a culture… a Society. The design of Destiny is gorgeous. One thing well done is Destiny proves the Alterans were frail little things like us once too.  I can’t help but wonder who were Ancient to the Ancients. Who helped them, if anyone?

3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

I rather hope that with Young’s blatant abuse of the Stones against Telford (No matter how well deserved- And I am still waiting to see how O’Neill puts an end to that little insurrection because Telford has no business talking to Emma about SGC Business.) Anaway- I think Stone usage should somehow become limited… a lot.

There is ONE thing I hope to never see in the new series: all of the Belief System bashing. Season’s 1-8 Gou’auld create religions they are evil. Oma created Buddhism and Earth religions but the Ori started out that way. So she’s evil. The Ori are any one of the main organised book thumping religions celebrated today. – I like the little bit of Rush talking to Eli about an Afterlife in “Time”. It didn’t HAVE to do with religion. Just don’t roll it up and beat Rush with it later.

Please, don’t butcher any more mythology. Earth isn’t the centre of the Multi-verse. Keep the new Story. I like what we have so far.

4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season?

Uhg… just one? Episode Justice, after Rush is left behind and Eli is talking to Col. Young. He *LOOKS* at him. At first I took that to be lost innocence, he’s broken (“They could turn off mom’s health care if I don’t do this!”), fear- maybe something else… I even picked up on a touch of “Oh god! I know full well I could be next!”- and Young knows Eli is off somehow now. That LOOK could *be* so much.

I liked the effects sequence for Destiny’s corona dip in “Light”. The music used getting the shuttle back after the sunbathing trip was fantastic as well. A StarGate spinning from behind? Priceless.

5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

I really WANT SGU to be separate from everything SG that has gone before. I would like to see this crew discover Destiny. Find ways as they go along to repair her. I want to see her tech. Her society. I would love to see Destiny actually *AWARE* of her crew. Sentient even. Rush makes a point to say if you tell Destiny what you need she brings you there.  I’d also like to see the effect on places that have a Gate and weren’t abused by evil marching through it.

I would love to see blessed Furlings- perhaps disguised in another name, bringing it up in the last episode ever of SGU- “Oh hey, didn’t you guys know the <Insert nifty race name here> translates into “Furling” in the most recent dialect of Ancient? Furlings. Funny huh? Sounds like Ewoks.” A Great line for Eli who has no idea how long SGC has tried to figure them out. Perhaps Ferlings as sentient ships… hrm.

A Nice thing between Malps and Kinos, Kinos likely have stronger tolerances to the effects of uninhabitable worlds. Meet more *Alien* aliens. Ones you could never meet in person because they live in a sea of liquid diamond and sapphire on a gas giant not unlike Neptune or Uranus. Both of these fantastic planets in our own backyard could redefine life if silicon can support similar structures to carbon being just one step off on the periodic table. Exotic and intelligent creatures that might glance at the humans on Destiny and say, “How sweet.” Of course, I had always hoped humans might change the minds of the “Others”. It’s what we do.

Another thing about SGU that I like is the Asgard won’t be along in 43ish minutes to pick up the crew from Destiny and bring them home. Humans are finally on their own out there. “The wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time” I would like to see proved wrong. That’s what Destiny is about- Because the Right people ARE in the Right places at the Right time. And you know full darn well Rush asked Destiny to take them to a place where he’d be able to get back to her. (The crashed ship) He knows where she’s going. He even warned Eli what was going to happen in advance. Sheesh. “Fans” are so excitable. *grins*

And maybe could someone get around to opening the crates full of nifty uniforms, cleaning products, food, and find the Ancient Med-lab/sick bay/whathaveyou. TJ has to be running out of acetaminophen by now.

Just my 2p, and vastly over-inflated at that.


After it posted in his comments I saw how painfully long it was. I feel like such a fan-goober. *Sighs*